Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My final test with CWS University

That was a very interesting experience with Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCullough, although I have known then for quite awhile now, I was still nervous. I found out what parts of the course I didn't pick up and must have missed. I like to blame the teach, but I live with her and I'm sure she did explain it to me. lol .
Plus today was my first styling event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The lag got me at the end of my presentation. It was funny watching my legs not move while I was sliding to my final spot in the show.
The university at CWS is an excellent experience for future sl models to participate in. I had a great time. The students assist each other all the while making future friends and chatting and joking.
I found that spending time in sandboxes learning to build objects, files, edit huds, quick changing my AV to new costumes all helped me at CWS university.
I hope I did well at my final exam today and Anrol and Steve101 are proud of another student doing a good job.
Thanks for the great experience CWS...looking forward to winning my first Styling event.

Be all U can Be

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Styling Black & White Theme

Thank you Laylah for Judging Tonights Events.

3rd: Flora Stipe

Styling Orange Theme

Thank You Vicky Yongbo for being our judge today and congratulation to our 3 winners.


June Magz Simply the Best